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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fall is my favorite season

And with it comes being busy! The last month has been pretty crazy with work and friends and family, and it seems like it won't be letting up until after the holidays.

It's so hard to eat and be healthy this time of year. I want all my favorite comfort foods, and all the family favorites, along with work potlucks and parties. It seems like it never stops.

I haven't weighed myself in a week because I know the number will be going up. Haven't been eating right, or exercising like I should. Although the romp around the corn maze last night was some good exercise, and fun too! Too bad one of the people we went with was such a

I'm supposed to go to a party today that I really just don't feel like going to. I'm wondering if I can think up a good enough excuse, or maybe I'll just stop by for 10-15 minutes and say I have somewhere else to go.

I gave myself a french manicure today, it didn't turn out half bad, but I do need some practice! I really need to start cleaning my apartment, it's seriously nasty. I think if I kept the place cleaner, it would be easier for me to eat healthy and exercise because I wouldn't feel like a slob.

Thanks again for the encouraging words. :)


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