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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally getting better!

Wow, so I was sick for like an entire week! No fun, no fun at all, although I did loose a few pounds! I guess that's what barely eating will do, of course that's not healthy. But when you're sick, about all you can handle is tea and egg drop soup.

I'm feeling good enough I might treat myself to a Lush bath tonight, maybe something cocktailed with the butterball I have. I need to resist the temptation I have to go to taco bell.

And thanks for the comments/emails, I appreciate them and the encouragement!

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Luse_it said...

Hey Rachel, I love your name!!

I always wanted my name to be Rachel :(

oh well, my name is cool to.. :P

Anyway,, I am glad you're feeling better.. it's now time to get back to ur new healthy living style... u must be excited.. it seems you've lost some weight already..

by the way, ur body looks like mine.. kind of!!

I just started my journey about a few weeks ago.. I am sooooooo sick at the moment, and it's kinda cool cuz I lost some weight,, hehehehe..

I Soooooo Hope u didnt stop blogging.. I find blogging very important.. cuz in order to have something to write about, I'd have to have lost some weight, or done something cool enough that will make a good difference on my weight..

so,, I can't weight to see ur next post...!! :)

we can be buddies!!!

take care Rachel